Considering selling your business?

Preparing and selling your business is a specialized and complex process that requires the skills of an expert. You need to determine the worth of your business, develop a strategy to properly present your company to maximize perceived value and price.

Professional help is required to identify potential buyers, to pinpoint the ones making a good match with your business through qualification process, to help qualified buyers in obtaining necessary financing, to facilitate buyer’s Due Diligence, to negotiate the most favorable price and terms.

Honesty, trustworthiness – we sell businesses with a stringent code of ethics. Even if we currently do not have qualified buyers for your business, we will go out and find them for you.

Are you looking to sell your business or existing franchise? Expecting to do it in the way where neither your customers and employees nor your suppliers and creditors know about it? WE CAN HELP! Our entire process is done discreetly where all qualified buyers enter into Non Disclosure Agreements  prior  to learning about the business.

Why use us to sell your business?

  • Our highest priority is CONFIDENTIALITY – GUARANTEED through Non Disclosure
  • There are hundreds of Qualified Business Buyers in our network
  • We work with over 40 lending sources to FINANCE Buyers
  • We are brokers with local and national networks, buyer connections and 24/7 corporate support
  • Our network is involved in hundreds of business transactions every year

Confidentiality and Privacy.

We are selling businesses without customers, suppliers and employees finding that it is for sale. This ensures that there will be no repercussions to the business. We qualify all buyers and have them to sign Non Disclosure Agreements before learning anything about business. IT WORKS… we have never had a buyer break this agreement!

Confidentiality is our Highest Priority

To protect your Confidentiality PLEASE provide a private number to call you. If you provide us the business number then we will only address ourselves as “our personal name returning your call”. Confidentiality is our priority.

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